Performance-driven Leadership (PDL)


Performance-driven Leadership (PDL) is the capstone of the Leadership Development Programme (LDP). It is designed to consolidate the universal competencies from the previous two levels through providing a real-world opportunity for participants to apply the learning in an action-based project.

Performance-driven Leadership (PDL) will bring participants together in teams to work on a specific action-learning project that is aligned with a current regional priority. The course will take participants through the process of completing a detailed issues analysis, engagement with key internal and external stakeholders and establishing the business case. The course will culminate in the presentation of the project outcome to key GAC stakeholders within a month of the end of the course.

Participants will work in a high-performance team environment and be expected to demonstrate their performance-driven leadership capabilities and mastery all competencies associated with a High Performing GAC Manager.


Completion of the first and second levels of LDP, (Foundations for Leadership Performance and Leading High Performance Teams), are prerequisites for enrolment in this course. Recommendations will be made by Company Managers in consultation with GLOs based on the results of the FLP and HPT courses. The Group Vice President Region will approve participation based on regional manpower priorities.