Press Release

Celebrating 10 Years of Global Learning: 2007-2017


DUBAI, 30 JANUARY, 2017: In 2007, GAC took the bold and innovative step of establishing the GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) with the aim of providing world-class eLearning opportunities for employees worldwide.

Now, ten years later, GCA has reached 31,000 people through 38 different courses and has been recognised as a global leader in corporate eLearning.

GCA’s strength comes from the fact that every course is developed for GAC people, by GAC people, for the GAC business context. The courses are designed to build specifically targeted competencies and participation is driven by senior GAC managers
“GCA has been the knowledge bridge between our employees globally – from training sales personnel in Trinidad and Tobago to operational staff in remote Russia. The way the Academy has been set up through eLearning, we have been able to initiate the exchange of ideas and best practices, while building connections and strengthening the GAC community and our GAC Spirit,” said Bengt Ekstrand, Group President – GAC.

It has been full steam ahead for the Academy since 2007, with continual growth and improvement in its learning initiatives over the decade. From delivering courses to just over a thousand participants in its first year of operation, to over 6700 at its peak in 2015, the organisation continues to develop strategically-driven courses annually and built on Group-identified learning needs.

While courses in the first years focused mainly on induction programmes for new employees and personal development, the offerings are now expansive with nine different learning portfolios in areas including Business Application and Training, Communication, Commercial, Operational and Business Performance. Over time, the courses have continuously evolved with the Group's strategy and learning needs. Courses now include interactive lessons, forum-based discussions, elements of gamification, and this year marks the exploration to move into mobile technology.

Undoubtedly one of the Academy’s main highlights over the decade was achievement of the ISO 29990 accreditation in June 2014, which verified GCA’s international standard of corporate learning with a focus on measurement and accountability.
“GCA has been instrumental over the past ten years in engaging the minds of our employees – to motivate, inspire, gain essential new skills and in return, help build our business to what it is today. I’m very proud of what we have achieved over this time,” says Patrik Halldén, Group Vice President – Human Resources.

Looking forward, GCA will continue to play an essential role in the learning and development needs of GAC, especially during a time when business success demands flexibility and adaptability to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  

“Ensuring the skills, values and attitudes of management and staff are kept strong and responsive to changing market conditions is imperative, and our Academy in a fundamental factor in achieving this,” says Ekstrand.