Profitable Customer Strategies (PCS)

“Through this course I now have a clear idea of how to approach customers. It has introduced the tools to better handle our customer needs and to gain their confidence in order to build good relationships and bring in more business and profit.”

Rajan Gopan
Customer Account Handler
GAC Fujairah

Research has shown that it costs up to ten times more to acquire new customers than retain existing customers. There is also much evidence to suggest that 80% of a firm’s income comes from 20% of the customer base. Skills in Profitable Customer Strategies (PCS) are highly demanded across the GAC World, as we look to better leverage our extensive global customer base and ensure that we cross-selling and leveraging all possibilities. The PCS course is designed to teach the knowledge, skills and abilities to enhance business profitability through a range of techniques that will drive increased income. Topics include customer analytics, customer pyramids, customer relationship building strategies, customer business development and customer action planning. Pro-activity and connecting with customers in a deeply meaningful way are key elements of this course.


This course is open to all GAC employees who have completed the prerequisite courses GAC Sales Fundamentals (GSF) and Advanced Sales Techniques (AST).