Schedule 2019

Quarter 1
HSSEFebruaryHealth, Safety, Security and Environment03-Feb-1916-Feb-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWFebruaryIntroduction to the GAC World03-Feb-1916-Feb-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWFebruaryCommunication in the GAC World03-Feb-1902-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEFebruaryCompliance and Ethics24-Feb-1923-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAFebruaryCyber Security Awareness03-Feb-1902-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRFebruaryGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness03-Feb-1902-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEFebruaryHealth, Safety, Security and Environment17-Feb-1902-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWFebruaryIntroduction to the GAC World17-Feb-1902-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
TBL - DubaiFebruaryTeam-based Leadership26-Feb-1927-Feb-192 days - Workshop
IMSMarchIOSH Managing Safely03-Mar-1901-Jun-1913 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEMarchHealth, Safety, Security and Environment03-Mar-1916-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWMarchIntroduction to the GAC World03-Mar-1916-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWMarchCommunication in the GAC World03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEMarchCompliance and Ethics03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAMarchCyber Security Awareness03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
DMPMarchDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
DONMarchDolphin.NET03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
GANMarchGACagent.NET03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRMarchGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
LFSMarchLinkedIn For Sales03-Mar-1906-Apr-195 weeks - Self-paced
GFEMarchGAC Finance Essentials03-Mar-1913-Apr-196 weeks - Facilitated
ONGMarchOil and Gas Support Services03-Mar-1913-Apr-196 weeks - Facilitated
PPDMarchPersonal and Professional Development03-Mar-1913-Apr-196 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEMarchHealth, Safety, Security and Environment17-Mar-1930-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWMarchIntroduction to the GAC World17-Mar-1930-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
Quarter 2
HSSEAprilHealth, Safety, Security and Environment07-Apr-1920-Apr-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWAprilIntroduction to the GAC World07-Apr-1920-Apr-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWAprilCommunication in the GAC World07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEAprilCompliance and Ethics07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAAprilCyber Security Awareness07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
FLPAprilFoundations of Leadership Performance07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Facilitated
GDPRAprilGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
GFNAprilGACfreight ENSCO07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
GFOAprilGACfreight Oil and Gas07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
GFTAprilGACfreight.NET07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
SAOAprilShipping Agency Operations07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Facilitated
GEPAprilGlobal English Programme07-Apr-1904-Apr-2052 weeks - Self-paced
AOG*AprilAdvanced Oil and Gas Support Services07-Apr-1918-May-196 weeks - Facilitated
EBWAprilEffective Business Writing07-Apr-1918-May-196 weeks - Facilitated
GIC*AprilGAC Internal Controls07-Apr-1904-May-196 weeks - Facilitated
EPS - DubaiAprilEffective Presentation Skills17-Apr-1918-Apr-192 days - Workshop
HSSEAprilHealth, Safety, Security and Environment21-Apr-1904-May-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWAprilIntroduction to the GAC World21-Apr-1904-May-192 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEMayHealth, Safety, Security and Environment05-May-1918-May-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWMayIntroduction to the GAC World05-May-1918-May-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWMayCommunication in the GAC World05-May-1901-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEMayCompliance and Ethics05-May-1901-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAMayCyber Security Awareness05-May-1901-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRMayGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness05-May-1901-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEMayHealth, Safety, Security and Environment19-May-1901-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWMayIntroduction to the GAC World19-May-1901-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
IMSJuneIOSH Managing Safely02-Jun-1931-Aug-1913 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEJuneHealth, Safety, Security and Environment02-Jun-1915-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWJuneIntroduction to the GAC World02-Jun-1915-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWJuneCommunication in the GAC World02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEJuneCompliance and Ethics02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAJuneCyber Security Awareness02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
DMPJuneDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
FFFJuneFreight Forwarding Fundamentals02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Facilitated
GANJuneGACagent.NET02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRJuneGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
GSFJuneGAC Sales Fundamentals02-Jun-1913-Jul-196 weeks - Facilitated
HPTJuneLeading High Performance Teams02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks – Facilitated
ONGJuneOil and Gas Support Services02-Jun-1913-Jul-196 weeks - Facilitated
PPDJunePersonal and Professional Development02-Jun-1913-Jul-196 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEJuneHealth, Safety, Security and Environment16-Jun-1929-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWJuneIntroduction to the GAC World16-Jun-1929-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
Quarter 3
GFTJulyGACfreight.NET07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
GIC*JulyGAC Internal Controls07-Jul-1903-Aug-196 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEJulyHealth, Safety, Security and Environment07-Jul-1920-Jul-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWJulyIntroduction to the GAC World07-Jul-1920-Jul-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWJulyCommunication in the GAC World07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEJulyCompliance and Ethics07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAJulyCyber Security Awareness07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
DONJulyDolphin.NET07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRJulyGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
SAOJulyShipping Agency Operations07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Facilitated
AOGJulyAdvanced Oil and Gas Support Services07-Jul-1917-Aug-196 weeks - Facilitated
EBWJulyEffective Business Writing07-Jul-1917-Aug-196 weeks - Facilitated
GFEJulyGAC Finance Essentials07-Jul-1917-Aug-196 weeks - Facilitated
CSE - DubaiJulyCustomer Service Excellence17-Jul-1918-Jul-192 days - Workshop
HSSEJulyHealth, Safety, Security and Environment21-Jul-1903-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWJulyIntroduction to the GAC World21-Jul-1903-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
IMSAugustIOSH Managing Safely04-Aug-1902-Nov-1913 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEAugustHealth, Safety, Security and Environment04-Aug-1917-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWAugustIntroduction to the GAC World04-Aug-1917-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWAugustCommunication in the GAC World04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEAugustCompliance and Ethics04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAAugustCyber Security Awareness04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
DMPAugustDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
FFFAugustFreight Forwarding Fundamentals04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Facilitated
FLPAugustFoundations of Leadership Performance04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Facilitated
GDPRAugustGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
HPTAugustLeading High Performance Teams04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Facilitated
LFSAugustLinkedIn For Sales04-Aug-1907-Sep-195 weeks - Self-paced
ONGAugustOil and Gas Support Services04-Aug-1914-Sep-196 weeks - Facilitated
PPDAugustPersonal and Professional Development04-Aug-1914-Sep-196 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEAugustHealth, Safety, Security and Environment18-Aug-1931-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWAugustIntroduction to the GAC World18-Aug-1931-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
HSSESeptemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment01-Sep-1914-Sep-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWSeptemberIntroduction to the GAC World01-Sep-1914-Sep-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWSeptemberCommunication in the GAC World01-Sep-1928-Sep-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNESeptemberCompliance and Ethics01-Sep-1928-Sep-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSASeptemberCyber Security Awareness01-Sep-1928-Sep-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRSeptemberGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness01-Sep-1928-Sep-194 weeks - Self-paced
HSSESeptemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment15-Sep-1928-Sep-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWSeptemberIntroduction to the GAC World15-Sep-1928-Sep-192 weeks - Facilitated
Quarter 4
IMSOctoberIOSH Managing Safely06-Oct-1904-Jan-2013 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEOctoberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment06-Oct-1919-Oct-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWOctoberIntroduction to the GAC World06-Oct-1919-Oct-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWOctoberCommunication in the GAC World06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEOctoberCompliance and Ethics06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAOctoberCyber Security Awareness06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
DMPOctoberDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPROctoberGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
GEPOctoberGlobal English Programme06-Oct-1903-Oct-2052 weeks - Self-paced
GFROctoberGAC Financial Reporting06-Oct-1916-Nov-196 weeks - Facilitated
ONGOctoberOil and Gas Support Services06-Oct-1916-Nov-196 weeks - Facilitated
PPDOctoberPersonal and Professional Development06-Oct-1916-Nov-196 weeks - Facilitated
ENS - DubaiOctoberEffective Negotiation Skills16-Oct-1917-Oct-192 days - Workshop
HSSEOctoberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment20-Oct-1902-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWOctoberIntroduction to the GAC World20-Oct-1902-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
HSSENovemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment03-Nov-1916-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWNovemberIntroduction to the GAC World03-Nov-1916-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWNovemberCommunication in the GAC World03-Nov-1930-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNENovemberCompliance and Ethics03-Nov-1930-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSANovemberCyber Security Awareness03-Nov-1930-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRNovemberGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness03-Nov-1930-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
HSSENovemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment17-Nov-1930-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWNovemberIntroduction to the GAC World17-Nov-1930-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated

*PILOT       This indicates a course launching as a pilot. The nominated participants will go through a selection process by the Course Ambassador or Subject Matter Expert.