Shipping Agency Operations (SAO)

"Throughout this course I've had the opportunity of understanding and contrasting how things are done in other ports around the world. This I believe will help me in formulating better solutions to our clients."
Jahn Ferdinandus
Operations Executive
Shipping Division – GAC Sri Lanka

Shipping Agency Operations (SAO) has been designed for all staff involved in shipping agency operations throughout the GAC World. The aim is to establish a baseline of common understanding about how Agency services operate, the terminology that is used, the stakeholders involved, and the importance of maintaining strong customer relationships.
Like all businesses, it is the bottom line that ultimately determines our business success. Therefore, one of the key aims of this course is to develop strategies for how we can continuously improve the profitability of our Agency services. The course will provide the opportunity to think deeply about your own role in the shipping agency business of your company, and how commercial aspects of the business are just as important as the operations, in order to continually grow.


The target audience for this course is not just current and future GAC Shipping personnel, but also any GAC employees or partners interested in benefiting from a greater understanding of the GAC Shipping Business.