Team-Based Leadership (TBL)

"The course was informative and helpful. In particular it provided me another perspective to the challenges that I was facing at work. Instead of focusing on identifying problems with others, now, I start by realising the areas that I might not have done well enough instead. This is especially important as it enables me to have a 360 degrees approach to the issues I face with the team. Also, the course reminded me of how a team could grow or fall and the life cycle of a team, thereby helping me to keep abreast of the ‘pulse’ of the team. This enables me to better deal with differences in individuals."

Xavier Tan
Head, General Freight – Logistics Services
GAC Singapore

Teams collaborate to facilitate successful business outcomes. These teams, a collection of individuals, will benefit greatly if they are connected and efficient. The impact of this upon leadership can be vast and integral.

The TBL workshop, through a combination of traditional and experiential learning, builds a unique framework of leadership in the learner's mind. The learner co-creates the content and actively applies the 'lessons learned' progressively. The two days also provide much opportunity for the learner to build his own 'leadership toolkit', preparing him and his team for the future.


Who this course is for:

Existing or Developing Leaders within the GAC World. All staff who work in a team environment.

Target: Relevant GAC personnel
Job Class: All
Level: All